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  • Permeability of rubber to gases - NIST

     · Cruderubber,aswellasvulcanizedrubber,mayvarysowidely in composition and physicalcharacteristicsthat onecanhardly expect tofindordefine sucha constantasthe specific permeability

  • HyTemp ACM Rubber Elastomers | Zeon Chemicals

    HyTemp ® polyacrylate (ACM) elastomers have excellent long-term heat resistance (up to 200°C) and compressive stress relaxation, while providing superb resistance to petroleum and synthetic-based lubricants. HyTemp is broadly used in automotive seals (engine, transmission) and turbo diesel air management hoses. HyTemp is classified as a DF to EH polymer according to SAE J200 / ASTM D2000.

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    Or better yet, use the rubber chart to find which material will best suit your environment. For example, if you need to find rubber compression properties, rubber weather resistance or even rubber ozone resistance for your O-rings, you can find the best combination of elastomer properties by using this O-ring material guide for your application.

  • Industrial Hose:

    Shop High Pressure Hose & Hydraulic Hose Fittings. Industrial hose encompasses a wide range of products and applications, from the washdown water hose to the high pressure hose used in hydraulics to the suction hose and discharge hose used in mining, and even the hose used in material handling applications. An industrial water hose is the most common and can be used simply for transferring or

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    Oil and Gasoline Resistance (Reprinted From RMA Hose Handbook IP-2 Sixth Edition) Rubber hose is used to convey petroleum products both in the crude and refined stages. The aromatic content of refined gasoline is often adjusted to control the octane rating.

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    Welcome to our Rubber Chemical Resistance Chart. Here is the rubber compatibility chart that rates all popular rubber materials that comes into contact with various chemicals. Use this rubber chemical resistance chart to make sure that the elastomer or O-ring seal you choose will be compatible with the particular environment.

  • Industrial PVC Hose Catalogue - Rubber Hose, PVC Hose

     · Super flexible braided PVC hose to AS2554 Class B Reinforcement Polyester Braided Branding TotalRubber Super True Blue - Australian Made blend that gives it good cold weather flexibility & resistance to a larger range of Fuel, Chemicals & Pesticides. Green covered PU/Rubber blend reinforced for pressure spray use. Reinforcement

  • Rubber Sheets, Strips, and Rolls - Grainger, Canada

    Shop Grainger Canada for quality Rubber Sheets, Strips, and Rolls products. Grainger Canada has been Canada''s premiere industrial supplier for over 125 years.

  • Two-Wire Braided Hose - Rubber Hydraulic Hoses & …

    Weatherhead has one of the industry''s broadest offerings of hose and fittings that are widely used throughout multiple market applications. This catalog gives you detailed information about the Weatherhead product line. Eaton Winner Braided Hose and Fittings (North America, APAC) Each catalog has regional specific hoses and hose fittings.

  • VITON FKM - Trelleborg

     · VITON - FKM Sheeting Viton sheeting, known either as fluoroelastomer or FKM, is highly appreciated for the most demanding industrial applications as it has the highest resistance to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis and even oxidants, and its mechanical properties remain intact at temperatures of up to 250ºC.

  • EPDM Rubber | BRP Manufacturing

    EPDM rubber, a polymer composed of ethylene propylene, diene monomer, is the premier weather resistant synthetic elastomer. EPDM is also produced by select major polymer manufacturers, and may be referred to as their designated trade names, such as: Dutral®, Nordel® and Vistalon®.

  • Synthetic Rubber | Rubber-Cal Sheet Rubber Rolls

     · EPDM rubber is another popular synthetic rubber material. It generally comes in variations, but the material’s common trait is an enhanced degree of resistance against outdoor weather conditions. This synthetic rubber endures in the presence of moisture, ozone and …

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    : 2.8/5

  • Temperature Chart - RubberFab

    Rubber Fab Technologies Group was founded in 1995 by Robert DuPont, Sr. and Patrick Parisi in a farm house in Andover, NJ. Rubber Fab’s first product that went to market was the Smart Gasket® and the business has been growing ever since!

  • Gates 19B Plantmaster hose

    Gates 19B Plantmaster hose - 19B Plantmaster Manufacturer: Gates Specification No. 3219AR Recommended for: Applications requiring a premium grade braided hose, with excellent flexibility and maximum resistance to air, water, petroleum oils, gasolin

  • General Properties of Elastomers -

     · Butyl rubber has exceptional resistance to gas and moisture (water and steam) permeation. Butyl rubber also has excellent better oil, ozone, weather and oxidation resistance at a lower cost when they are used for specific applications. Neoprene has diaphragms and aircraft hose gaskets. The commercial grades of NBR are usually blends of

  • Rubber Standards -

    ASTM''s rubber standards are instrumental in specifying, testing, and assessing the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of a wide variety of materials and products that are made of rubber and its elastomeric derivatives.


     · chemical resistance chart butyl cpe epdm hyp alon hytrel na tural nitrile nylon sbr santoprene teflon uhmw urethane viton xlpe hytrel thermoplastic polyester natural natural rubber neoprene polychloropren nitrile acrylonitrile nylon nylon polymer sbr styrene-butadiene astm fuel b astm fuel c astm oil no. 1 astm oil no. 2 astm oil no. 3

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     · Superior Abrasion Resistance – Urethane and nylon style covers provide the industry''s highest level of abrasion resistance today. They can outlast standard rubber hoses in lab tests by up to 10:1. Long Continuous Lengths – Long length hoses reduce the number of short unusable hose lengths. In addition, longer

  • General Chemical Resistance Guide -

     · Chemical Resistance Guide Chemical Effect Rating: A - Recommended - Little or minor effect B - Minor to moderate effect - Rubber parts probably still useful in many applications C - Moderate to severe effect - Rubber parts perhaps still useful in limited applications U - Not recommended Blank - No data or insufficient evidence - It should be noted that it is not expected that a polymer unrated

  • Industrial Hoses from Flexicraft

    RH1 is a heavier weight rubber material discharge hose designed to handle a variety of slurries & highly abrasive materials. A thick, FDA natural rubber tube is used for abrasion resistance, with a high grade cover. 1-1/2" to 12" diameters. -20F to 190F.

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     · Like rubber suction hoses, G1341 is weather and mild-chemical resistant and will stay flexible at very low temperatures. These qualities make this durable, colorful hose a popular choice for septic tank cleaning and in farming, mining and construction.

  • Rubber Abrasion Resistance -

     · behaviour from other rubber properties (Pandey et al., 2003). It is influenced by the hysteresis properties of the vu lcanizates, magnitude of the fric tional force and the resistance of rubber to rupture. The abrasion is a co mbination of mechanical, mechanochemical and …

  • Characteristic properties of Silicone Rubber Compounds

     · Oil and chemical resistance of common methyl vinyl silicone rubber Alkali Acid Other Oi l Chemica l Resistance to oils, solvents, and other chemicals 25 50 75 100 125-100 -50 0 50 100 150 200 250 Reference oil C Premium gasoline Regular gasoline Reference oil B Reference oil A Urethane rubber Acrylic rubber Chloroprene rubber Fluoro-rubber

  • NBR - Nitrile Rubber Sheeting - Trelleborg

     · NBR nitrile rubber sheeting is specially formulated to prevent oil attack, meaning its mechanical properties remain intact even in direct contact with oils and grease. Our range includes nitrile rubber sheeting specifically created to withstand contact with industrial oils, hydrocarbons, kerosene and high temperatures.

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     · pinchweld rubber seal pinchweld rubber seal is widely used in the auto door,auto window,auto body,seat,skylight, engine case,trunk and others,which play an important role in the application,such as it can provide a good waterproof,excellent seal,sound insulation,dustproof, antifreezing, shock absorption,keeping warm and energy-saving and so on.

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    Natural rubber is a product coagulated from the latex of the rubber tree, hevea brasiliensis. Natural rubber features low compression set, high tensile strength, resilience, abrasion and tear resistance, good friction characteristics, excellent bonding capabilities to metal substrate, …

  • Butyl Rubber Properties & Applications

    Butyl rubber is a great option for shock absorption and has exceptionally low gas and moisture permeability and outstanding resistance to heat, aging, weather, ozone, chemical attack, flexing, abrasion, and tearing. It is resistant to phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids, and has excellent electrical insulation performance.

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     · Rubber Hose Pneumatic Hydraulic Coolant Suction / Return Fuel Refrigerant Concrete Oil Field Mud Oil Field Fracking Link to Section Table of Contents

  • Bromobutyl Rubber (BIIR) - ARLANXEO Tire & …

    These would include articles which need low permeability to gases and liquids, e.g. tire innerliners, hoses, seals and membranes. Furthermore, Brominated X_Butyl ® is material of choice for pharmaceutical closures due to its cleanliness and good resealing properties. Rubber articles needing good resistance to chemicals, weathering and ozone, such as tank linings, conveyor belts and protective