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  • Air Filter Media - Rolls & Bulk Material | Air Filters, Inc.

    Air Filters, Inc. has the largest variety inventory of air filter material and air filter media rolls. All poly, synthetic and fiberglass bulk media are available in Residential, Commercial and Industrial grades. Air Filters, Inc. has a complete line of synthetic and fiberglass air filter media rolls available in standard and special size widths.

  • WL Gore Hepa Turbine Filters | | Tesco Engineering

    WL GORE HEPA TURBINE FILTERS A uniquely inventive, technology-driven enterprise focused on discovery and product innovation. GORE® Turbine Filters use an enhanced form of high efficiency E12 HEPA filtration to provide all the benefits of standard HEPA filtration but without the penalties of higher pressure drop and shorter filter life. Our patented multi-layer construction with ePTFE membrane

  • PTFE Membrane Filters | Thermo Fisher Scientific - US

    PTFE membrane filters are naturally hydrophobic with excellent chemical resistance, making them the ideal choice for sterile venting of gases*, non-aqueous solvents, acids, and aggressive fluids. * For aqueous solutions, PTFE must be pre-wetted with a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.

  • Vacuum, Air & Water Filtration Membrane | Industrial …

     · Vacuum Filtration – We custom design ePTFE laminates that are converted into small pleated elements and used in consumer and commercial vacuum cleaners. Similar to our industrial air filtration laminates, our vacuum filtration products capture particulate at HEPA efficiency, and are washable and re-generable.

  • Megalam | Camfil

    Megalam ProSafe and FabSafe are the most efficient, energy-saving HEPA and ULPA filter panels especially made for turbulent and laminar airflow applications in high-tech cleanrooms, clean benches and clean air devices. These filters are used in a huge range of industries requiring a strict controlled environment. Megalam is available from

  • PTFE HEPA/ULPA Minipleat

     · Performance data is based on IEST-RP-CC-001.6 and EN1822. Test methods incl IEST-RP-CC034.4 HEPA & ULPA Filter leak tests, IEST-RP-CC006 Airflow, NSF49 Biosafety Cabinetry are used in conjuction. Only Quality Conformed and test report results of HEPA/ULPA will be affixed with label on HEPA …

  • New Product: New GORE ePTFE filters improve liquid

     · Solution: These filters incorporate a new high flow ePTFE filtration media that allows a drop-in retention upgrade from 100 nm to 30 nm, enabling cleaner recirculation baths and reduced processing times. The capability of liquid filters is measured in flow (amount of liquid that passes through) and retention (number and size of particles captured).

  • Motorized HEPA Filter | Cleanroom Ceiling Filters | NCI

    Series 118 Motorized Ceiling HEPA Filter Module 2''x4'' This self-contained cleanroom filter unit easily installs into a 2 ft x 4 ft ceiling grid system. It is also possible to mount the motorized filter on a support frame or suspend it from a support structure.

  • ePTFE Membrane | Nordic Air Filtration

     · ePTFE Membrane Technology Equals Increased Efficiency High durability, high efficiency ePTFE membrane helps meet EPA requirements (PM2.5, MACT, NESHAP) and will reduce Total Cost of Ownership with: Reduced emissions (PM10, PM2.5 and Sub-Micron PM) Lower operating differential pressure Longer effective life cycle of bags and pleated bags Aids in recovery from upset conditions

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    Water Filters RPS T33 FILTER RPS DisposableFilter RPS Double Levels Filter RPS Extruded Carbon Filter RPS Resident RO Housing RPS Self-locking Filter RPS Granular Carbon Filter RPS Sintering Carbon MS®PTFE membrane for filtration including hydrophobic membrane and hydrophilic membrane, can be widely used in the filtration of gas and liquid

  • Speaker: Dan Milholland - NEBB

     · Speaker: Dan Milholland . Advance in Filter Integrity Testing for PTFE Media . HEPA Filter Media . Microglass . ePTFE – Nelior-PC (non-oil tolerant) ePTFE next generation – Nelior (oil-tolerant) Traditional Glass Media HEPA Filters Developed in the 1940’s Slurry of glass fibers in water with binder –Poured on a moving screen

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    A wide variety of eptfe filters options are available to you, such as cartridge filter, panel filter, and bag filter. You can also choose from hepa filter, ulpa filter. As well as from free samples. There are 443 eptfe filters suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

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    This is just a sample… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent suscipit iaculis libero sed tristique.

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     · HEPA Filter (H Class) n/a TYPE C H11 95% at MPPS Particle size bigger than 0.3µm (Virus [unattached] (Carbon dust (Sea salt (All combustion smoke (Radon progeny Typical Controlled Contaminant TABLE 1.2 for AIR FILTERS and EFFICIENCY ULPA Filter (U Class) TYPE F Particle size bigger than 0.12µm super cleanroom MAYAIR Range of Products All

  • GORE Liquid Microfiltration Membranes | Media for

     · Purity is essential in critical applications. With the best-available balance of retention and flow, GORE® Microfiltration Media enable the production of ePTFE membrane filters for semiconductors and microelectronics processing and provide assurances of purity and repeatable high performance.

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    PTFE membrane with supporting layer polyester or polypropylene can effectively filtrate microorganism and other particulates; Membrane Solutions PTFE membrane is available in different diameters, pore size and packing depend on your quantity; can be customized to meet your application requirements. Because Membrane Solutions is specialized OEM manufacture, all customization can be done easily

  • with ePTFE Filtration Technology - INTERPHEX

     · AAF Flanders ePTFE Filtration Technology— Today’s Alternative to Fragile Microglass HEPA Filters Designed specifically for the unique requirements and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, the MEGAcel II mini-pleat HEPA filter has the proven durability, polyalphaolefin (PAO) compatibility, high …

  • Sustainable air filtration performance - Cleanroom …

     · Sustainable air filtration performance. 2-Oct-2012 . Design and Build. HEPA terminal filters have to meet strict filtration performance criteria but can account for 25–30% of the overall energy consumption in a cleanroom. ePTFE membrane media features a significantly lower pressure drop than traditional wet laid media but can also offer greater overall filtration efficiency thanks to its

  • High efficiency air filtration: The growing impact of

    The inert ePTFE and UPE membranes are compatible with harsh industrial environments. In cleanrooms HEPA and ULPA filters provide absolute protection. They are designed to be installed for the lifetime of the cleanroom. Pre-filters are used to capture the majority of particles in the airstream and reduce the load on the membrane filters.

  • HEPA Air Filter - Megalam EnerGuard | Camfil

    Megalam EnerGuard filters offer outstanding robustness to reduce the risk of airborne particulate leakage from tears, punctures and rips in the filter media which is common from mishandling during installation and validation. Typically 3% to 20% of glass fiber media filters are replaced at installation due to inappropriate handling.

  • with ePTFE Filtration Technology

     · MEGAcel I HEPA filters are designed to meet the demanding airflow and efficiency requirements of critical applications in which airborne contaminants must be carefully controlled. Manufactured with high performance ePTFE media and unique tapered aluminum separators, MEGAcel I filters optimize efficiency while keeping operating costs to

  • Hydrophobic Mesh Air Filters - Universal Air Filter

    Hydrophobic Mesh air filters offer a water-repellant, low pressure drop media to reduce ingress of airborne mist and other liquids on indoor and outdoor enclosures deployed in harsh environments. It offers cost-effective alternative to expensive, more air flow restrictive membrane media. This hydrophobic filter media is a durable, cleanable

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    PTFE membrane HEPA filters - Pharma conference Shanghai - Kefid___ 101|7 PTFE membrane HEPA filters - Pharma conference Shanghai - Kefid___。

  • Air Scrubber With Filter Change - AlorAir

    The AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 air scrubber, with the smallest and lightest design, is unbeatable compared with other brands in removing airborne miscellaneous debris at 0.3 microns in size including pollen, plant spores, mold spores, pet dander.

  • GORE Turbine Filters for Air Inlet Filtration | E12

     · HEPA is a classification of air filters. HEPA filters provide the highest level of filtration efficiency in the gas turbine industry. The grade of efficiency is determined by the most penetrating particle size (MPPS), which is the particle size most difficult for the filter to capture.

  • Not all HEPA Filters are the Same | Power Engineering

    Not all HEPA filters are the same… When it comes to HEPA filtration, there are two main options to select from: a filter made from Microfiber glass (glass fiber) or PTFE membrane.

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     · HEPA/ULPA Media Options When & Why PTFE membrane was first applied in cleanrooms Factory & Field Testing ePTFE HEPA Filter Media Structure Energy & Cost Savings IoT & Air Filters Cleanroom Design Software

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    Motorized HEPA Filters, Cleanroom Ceiling Filters, 24"x 24", Speed Control, NO power cord, CAP-109BL-224-H. Motorized HEPA Filters - Cleanroom Ceiling Filter with Attached Blower - NO Power Cord - 24" x 24" - CAP-109BL-224-H The motorized HEPA filter unit is a ceiling mounted modual.

  • Low Cost PTFE Membrane Filters - Samples Available - …

    PTFE membrane filters at Tisch Scientific are available in a variety of sizes as well as hydrophobic, hydrophilic, backed, and un-backed types. Applications of PTFE Membrane Filters One of the primary applications of PTFE membranes is in HPLC analysis for presence of …

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